Who this is for

This private foundation was formed to make a positive impact in the lives of:

  • MFM employees and their families (including grandchildren)
  • MFM agents and their families (including grandchildren)
  • Veterans, disabled/fallen military members, and first responders/police (and families)


There are three defined Foundation programs - Scholarships, Hardship/Emergency Funds, and Funds for Service Workers (Veterans, Police, Emergency Workers, etc.).

  • Scholarships to colleges, universities, graduate school and trade schools are available to families (including grandchildren) of MFM employees and MFM agents. 
  • Hardship/Emergency Funds applications for MFM employees/families and MFM agents/families can be submitted by all MFM employees and MFM agents.  
  • Applications for Donations to Service Workers (Veterans, Police, Emergency Technicians) can be submitted by all MFM employees and MFM agents. 

Get more info

More detailed information and application forms for each program, along with IRS-tax-deductible donation information, are provided via the “links” below. Questions and comments can be directed to foundation@midwestfamily.com.