Six Consecutive Years of Superior MFM Results!!! icon

To all Midwest Family Agencies: This past year was another year of record results for Midwest Family. Our written premiums grew by 9.5% to another record annual written of 172M. We are now doing business in 20 States in the Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest regions of our Nation. Ten years ago the vast majority of our business was written in only 2 Midwest states. Our business relationships with our agencies are maturing very well in all of our States. MFM's written premium growth is the best measure of our enhanced relationship with you.

Our 2018 Combined Ratio was an excellent 90.2 improved from the 92.3 in 2017. All lines of business contributed to good loss results this past year, EXCEPT for auto lines. Both Personal and Commercial Auto loss experience was marginally unprofitable and yet Auto loss ratios could not ruin an otherwise superior year of overall loss results. Organic surplus grew by 16% and an investment house Surplus Note infusion in the 4th quarter at very competitive terms pushed our total surplus to just short of 100M. By any measure 2018 was a special year financially, and it culminated in MFM issuing record contingency payments to our agents which were paid on January 10, 2019. No company pays its Agent contingencies faster than MFM!

Our new company 'Midwest Family Advantage Insurance Company' (MFA) was formed in Iowa in 2018 as a fully owned stock subsidiary of Midwest Family Mutual. Our work is progressing well to obtain MFA licensing in all States where Midwest Family Mutual is already licensed. We expect much of this MFA licensing to occur in 2019. Our first alternative MFA product will be Workers' Compensation. We are excited about our prospects of having MFA as another tool to strengthen our business relationship with you.

All of us at MFM thank you for all your contributions to our success in 2018. MFM's future is bright because of our Agents!

Our Mission: 'We serve our Agents first to serve Policyholders best!'

Best regards,

Ron Boyd, CPCU
President and CEO
The Midwest Family Group
Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company
Midwest Family Advantage Insurance Company

Posted on Wednesday, January 30 @ 11:27:28 -05:00
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Our Momentum Continues in the Third Quarter! icon

To all Midwest Family Agencies: Our results year to date continue to exceed our business plan for 2018. Our written premiums year to date have increased by 7.2%. A very big THANK YOU to all agents for your continued sales efforts this year. We sincerely appreciate your business.

Our YTD Combined Ratio is roughly 98 at this time. We had an unusually late August storm that somewhat hurt our 3rd...

Posted on Friday, October 05 @ 20:47:21 -05:00
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MFM's second quarter results exceed expectations! icon

To all MFM Agents: With 6 months down and 6 months to go, we are very pleased to report to you our year to date results. First of all, this has been a much quieter year of storm activity than last year was. By this time last year, our claims people were working 6 separate storm catastrophes across our entire operating territory. This compares to one relatively small storm this...

Posted on Wednesday, July 11 @ 09:48:19 -05:00
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MFM posts good to great first quarter results!! icon

To all MFM Agencies: Our results were good to great in the first quarter. Our loss results were good in that we produced a combined ratio of 93 in the first quarter. Though a good result to date, we always are little apprehensive this time of year as we approach the traditional Midwest storm season which will commence over the next 3-4 months. Right now many of us here in...

Posted on Monday, April 30 @ 08:22:29 -05:00
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Happy New Year as we say good bye to a wonderful 2017!! icon

To all Midwest Family Agencies: Happy New Year!!! This past year was another record setting year for Midwest Family. Our premiums grew 9.8% to 157M up from 143M last year. Our Combined Ratio was 92.3 making 2017 our 5th consecutive year of Underwriting gains. Surplus will be a record 69M up 9.3% from 2016. Our claims people serviced an estimated 8000 claims this past year including a number of Midwest...

Posted on Wednesday, December 27 @ 11:01:37 -05:00
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