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Dear Agents, Employees and Business Partners:

Continuing our tradition of 23 consecutive years, in lieu of sending holiday cards, Midwest Family has made a cash donation to Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute on behalf of the Independent Agents, Business Partners, and Employees of Midwest Family.

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute provides rehabilitation services for people with short and long-term health conditions, injuries and disabilities. The donation, made on your behalf, will support Courage Kenny???s efforts to expand fitness services for people living with disabilities.

Courage Kenny is currently conducting an expansion project to increase intensive fitness services offered to their clients. We feel honored to contribute to this effort.

For former client, Alex Mitchell, fitness services at Courage Kenny greatly improved his quality of life after he broke his neck while still in high school. When Alex first arrived at Courage Kenny, he was in a power wheelchair, and was told by doctors he had only a 30 percent chance of walking again. Through Courage Kenny, Alex beat those odds and is continuing to take on new challenges every day. For Alex, Courage Kenny services and fitness programs helped him gain a sense of normalcy again, ???I can still be who I want to be,??? said Alex. ???I don???t have to be what the injury made me.???

Courage Kenny understands the importance of family in recovery and works directly with family members providing education, skills, support and guidance.

Courage Kenny is guided by the vision that one day, all people will live, work, learn and play in a community based on abilities, not disabilities. To learn more about Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute visit

Greeting cards are soon forgotten???the services of Courage Kenny are lasting.

May happiness brighten your holidays and remain with you throughout the New Year.

Thank you for your friendship, goodwill and loyalty,
Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company

Posted on Friday, December 04 @ 15:45:44 -06:00
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