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Midwest Family Mutual Enters Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and Montana icon

Midwest Family Mutual has expanded to 11 states as part of a continued effort to geographically diversify its exposures. We are now quoting commercial business effective IMMEDIATELY!!!! At this time, our plans are to offer only our commercial products in these new states. We may accompany the commercial offerings with our personal lines package at a later date. In order to accommodate your request, please know that we need a non-resident license on file. Send your Agency and producer license to If we don’t receive it, we won’t be able to process your quote in that state. So, send us your license!!!! Then send us your apps!!!!

Entering four states at one time is no small venture. Our official entry into these four new states marks the end of an over nine month long process of rate and form development. Our Research and Development team, IT team and system testers have put countless hours into assuring a successful venture. I’m confident that our rates will allow us to be competitive, yet responsible. I’m also excited about the timing. As the markets show a hardening trend exacerbated by the storms in the “southern Midwest,” we expect active consumer activity leading to quoting opportunities. We will seize these opportunities mainly through our existing Agency plant. Although we will be appointing new Agents in these new states, we won’t be actively pursuing them. Company marketing personnel won’t be placed in our expanded region at this time. If you would like to pursue business in these states, representing MFM should serve as a predominantly exclusive opportunity. It’s also our intention to enter the commercial insurance marketplace in Ohio as soon as possible. Although our filings have not yet been approved, we continue to make strides with the Insurance Department in that state. Expect an announcement very soon!

As painful as it may have been at the time, our systems migration in December, 2009 is a big reason for the success of our entry into four new states. The configuration and table driven capability provided by MFM Edge has allowed us to enter markets in less time and with MUCH less cost than like carriers. Another Midwest carrier was recently quoted as saying that it would cost them $1 Million for every state they enter. I assure you that this carrier’s programs are no more complex than ours and we were able to enter FOUR STATES (soon to be five) at a very small FRACTION of that cost. The obstacle for many is technology and thanks to your patience in the early part of 2010, it’s an obstacle we have overcome. For those that have inquired on our progress entering these new states (and there have been LOTS of inquiries), thank you so much for your patience! Again, commercial apps in Montana, Indiana, Kansas and Missouri are now being accepted. Get us your license!!!

Thanks for your business!

Aaron Boyd
Vice President
Midwest Family Mutual

Posted on Tuesday, March 20 @ 09:34:00 -05:00
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