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It’s a common question. Let’s face it. Midwest Family Mutual doesn’t have the name recognition of some national brands. We’re not known for saving you 15% in the space of 15 minutes (although we likely can), we’re possibly a little more complex than a caveman (although I think we’re still fairly simple to work with) and we don’t spend millions (billions?) on a catch phrase that brings no value to the insured beyond the 30 second TV spot. So, why MFM? How are we “different?”

At Midwest Family Mutual, we pride ourselves on the following:

1. Paying our claims in good faith. Isn’t that what an insurance policy is for?
2. Bringing value to your community by supporting Independent Agents.
3. Taking a Midwestern common sense approach to doing business

So let’s take these one by one:

Claims Service

If you don’t know about our great claims service, ask our Agents. On a scale of 1-10, our Agents rate our claims service a 9. These high marks are an affirmation of our strong policy of fairness in the claims settlement process. It’s also a reflection of our response time. With a MFM policy, you can expect fast first contact and quick payment turnaround. When there’s third party litigation, you'll find a strong defense partner in your insurance carrier. Our claims service is made stronger by the men and women we employ across our Midwestern region to survey property claims in your own back yard. Their knowledgeable and courteous attitudes are what separates us. Furthermore, we’re available 24/7 for whatever emergency claim you might have. That’s why we have been rated as follows by our own customers who have been through the claims process:

- 76% Excellent
- 19% Good
- 3% Satisfactory
- 2% Unsatisfactory

It’s our dedication to insuring Midwest values that drives these survey results.

Independent Agents

Although we’re not unique in our approach, we’re very proud of the fact that we sell exclusively through independent Agents. Independent Agents are a more valuable breed of insurance consultant than you’ll find anywhere else. First of all, they’re independent!!! They represent a wide array of choice and so they can be a one stop shop for the customer. Our Agents are hand selected for their expertise of the insurance product. They can effectively explain coverages and provide options. Furthermore, by supporting Independent Agents, we’re supporting the small businessowners in your community. They provide service directly to your town by tailoring insurance products to your needs. Many of them give back to their communities in the form of local charity or volunteerism. By supporting these Independent Agents, we feel we’re supporting the communities in which we write business.

Midwestern Values

Our approach to claims and Independent Agents is derived from our Midwestern Values. Our motto is “Insuring Midwest Values Since 1891.” It’s more than a tagline. It’s a promise – to the more than 40,000 policyholders that look to us in the worst of times. Our claims are paid promptly and fairly. We extend our service to customers through a vast network of hand-picked Independent Agents. In the end, the service we provide is what you should come to expect from a Midwest company. Midwestern values mean following through on promises and that’s what we do each and every day for our customers. It’s been a recipe for success for us and we don’t expect that to change…

I'd like to extend a big thank you to all of our customers for your valued business

Aaron Boyd
Vice President
Midwest Family Mutual

Posted on Sunday, November 13 @ 17:14:42 -06:00
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