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After 4 weeks and 11 meetings, I managed to travel through 7 states and meet over 600 of our Independent Agents. All I can say is WHAT A RIDE!!! Our Agents represent our greatest asset at MFM and this opportunity to see and/or meet so many of them was one I won’t soon forget. For those of you that were there, THANK YOU!!! We had great attendance and we appreciate it. It means a lot when we see you there.

The meeting consisted of a review of our financials and AM Best ratings (we’re in good shape) followed by our expansion plans into Missouri, Kansas, Montana, Indiana and Ohio in 2011 and other states beyond that. We then talked about how MFM differentiates itself – from a service standpoint (we ALWAYS treat our Agents as customers) as well as a product standpoint. We discussed our commercial quote turnaround and gave attendees some tips for even quicker turnaround of quotes if they’re in a “rush” (you had to be there). We went over the newest features of our MFM Edge online systems and then delved into some detail about our personal and commercial lines before concluding with what’s coming next – Commercial Portfolio, Flexible Decs and Bills Delivery, and Online Customer Payment Portal. That’s a very high level overview of the agenda. If you weren’t there, you missed a lot!!!!

There was lots of dialogue that stemmed from these meetings. Some of it was constructive criticism that I think will make MFM much more valuable to our Agents and customers in the future when we respond to it with future development. I say “when,” not “if.” But, on the whole, I was very happy to hear from many Agents that told me that MFM is doing things right. Our systems have evolved dramatically from our legacy E-MFM design. Our products continue to expand as we introduce Ag Business to our Agents and the enhancement endorsements that come with it. And most importantly, our service continues to be second to none evidenced by Adjusters that promptly handle claims, Underwriters who find ways to grow your Agency, Marketing Managers empowered with underwriting authority to execute against their promises and a dedicated service center that assures you that you will always get a human voice to answer your question if you want one. I’m reminded in my conversations with so many Agents that what makes us successful is our people, our willingness to listen, and our dedication to the Independent Agents and their customers. This is still a human business.

Over the course of the last five years, MFM has grown 60% in premium, grown our surplus by a similar percentage, migrated to a new Edge Online System and introduced our Ag line of business. The fast pace of evolution won’t change in the next five years and so we’ll plan to hold these meetings on a regular basis (every year or two) to keep you up to date with the what’s going on. In a business that is built on relationships, there’s nothing better than face to face interaction and these meetings allowed for that in a fun, educational and engaging way. Again, thanks so much to those that attended and THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

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Aaron Boyd
Vice President - Marketing/R&D

Posted on Monday, May 30 @ 11:46:42 -06:00
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