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Midwest Family Mutual Approves New Mission Statement icon

On December 10th, 2014, Midwest Family Mutual’s (MFM) board of directors approved a new mission statement. It reads as follows:

“The employees of MFM serve our Agents as valued customers thus providing MFM policyholders with exceptional products and service.”

The mission does not reflect a change in our values or culture. It’s simply a formal recognition of our long held belief that the value of our insurance products and services is deeply enhanced by the Independent Agents that provide them. By treating those Agents as customers, we empower them to tailor our products and their consultation to the benefit of our mutual clients. This is a mission statement that is embraced by the over 100 employees at MFM and will continue to serve as the basis for our strong service to both Agents and Insureds.

As MFM continues to plan for the future, we will do so with an eye towards what is best for our Agents as well as our insureds and employees. First and foremost, our products and services will continue to be distributed exclusively through the Independent Agency channel. After all, we believe that only Independent Agents can provide the unique consultative value that comes with offering a choice of products between carriers. Next, we will continue to expand our product offerings to augment the already wide array of personal and commercial options. Our newly added Ag Business and Motor Carrier programs continue to provide value to our Agency contracts. In the coming years, we will consider an Affluent personal lines product, surety bonds, and programs for golf courses, breweries and wineries. We will also seek to offer an innovative Commercial Portfolio product that allows for property, GL, auto, work comp, and umbrella to be provided under a single policy. This will improve ease of use by providing a “single customer” point of entry for policy, billing and claims inquiry. Finally, we will continue our geographic expansion so that we can remove the unsystematic risk from our book of business. This expansion continues to lessen the volatility of our financial results so that we aren’t forced to take unreasonable actions on regional business.

Since 1991, MFM has grown from $9M to $120M in written premium. We have added a full commercial product offering and expanded our operating territory from 2 states to 16 states. Throughout it all, our profitable growth has been tied to the success of the Independent Agent community. This mission is a reflection of that recognition.

Best regards,
Aaron Boyd, MBA, CPCU
Executive Vice President and COO

Posted on Friday, January 30 @ 11:56:28 -05:00
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