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MFM's Jim Davidson Wins Big Award icon

Jim Davidson, Midwest Family Mutual's esteemed Regional Marketing Manager for the state of South Dakota was named Company Person of the Year by the Independent Agents of South Dakota. He was presented the honor on Monday, September 13th in Rapid City, SD. This is a cherished honor that represents a significant achievement in what has been a distinguished career. Jim Davidson joined Midwest Family Mutual on November 28, 2003 inheriting a two state region (North and South Dakota) that had $5.5 million in written premium. His growth was so fast that it justified another Regional Manager for the state of North Dakota. Despite that, his region still boasts an impressive $20 million in written premium just seven years later. That is year over year growth of over 20% not even accounting for the growth he was responsible for in the state of North Dakota.

In accepting the award, Jim was quick to credit his underwriters. "I can't do this job alone," says Davidson, "The support of my underwriters have been a driving factor in the success of my region."

He's also quick to credit the company he works for. "Midwest Family Mutual has made this business fun again. The management actually cares about the Independent Agency system and they give me the products, service and pricing I need to be successful in the field."

I speak for all of MFM when I say how PROUD we are of Jim. He has represented MFM admirably in the state of South Dakota. His ambition and zest for the job will continue to aid his success (and ours) in the future. Please take the time to congratulate Jim on a well earned award.

For those Agents that aren't writing business with Jim in the state of South Dakota, you're missing the boat!!! For those that are, please know that we appreciate your business...

Aaron W. Boyd
Vice President - Marketing/R&D

Posted on Thursday, September 16 @ 16:49:51 -06:00
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