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Introducing version 2!!! icon

Midwest Family Mutual is testing out a new look and feel for our home page. You'll find that the website is generally organized like is today so you shouldn't have any trouble finding resources like forms and manuals in the same place with which you've been accustomed. However, it takes advantage of the latest in graphics and web design. Furthermore, it allows us to show off the states in which we do business. Frankly, we're proud of our Midwest location and the states where we do business. Each time you log into our new website, the site's banner image will display a landmark that resides in one of our seven states. You can check out a preview by clicking on the image to the right. We think you'll like the change. As always, thank you for your business...

Posted on Tuesday, April 06 @ 16:11:44 -05:00
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