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We are very pleased to introduce all Agents to "Edge". On Tuesday December 8 we introduced our new Web Based Microsoft .NET policy processing System. We have named our new system "Edge" as we are confident this new System will give you a competitive and efficiency Edge in your sales and service of insurance with Midwest Family. Following are some of the highlights of this new System known as Edge:

---Edge is commonly referred to in the Information Technology world as Service Oriented Architecture SOA. In short, what this means is SOA attempts to move systems closer to the person most effective to service insurance customers. That person in most all cases is you our Agent. Most importantly, "you see what we see". You will be processing and servicing your customers on the same platform as MFM Employees.

---This system is totally Browser based. You need no software other than an Internet Explorer (version 7 or above) browser to access Edge through or directly at Your performance as such will be somewhat limited by the speed of your Internet Service Provider ISP. We encourage you to buy as much speed (bandwidth) as is available to you. We have conducted extensive load testing based on expected simultaneous usage of Edge but we won't know exactly what traffic will be until today as we go "live". Be patient with us! We are confident your performance experience will be good but we are also confident in the very short run it will improve as our IT professionals "tune" Edge.

---You will immediately notice a much improved look and feel. You will experience better navigation with tabbing methodology.

---New Personal Lines business will be available first. A "quick quote" module will apply.

---We have automated the tiering of our Personal Lines--both Auto and home. When you have entered all rating data and integrated with ChoicePoint data the pricing tier will be automatically selected for you.

---ChoicePoint's "data prefill" module has been added. According to ChoicePoint 80% market share supports this data prefill process. In short, what this means to you, is with an approval to quote from a prospective customer and a minimum amount of data to assure Edge has identified the correct customer, Edge will then prefill all the insured's auto and driver data from the ChoicePoint data base.

---After you have completed your quote you will be impressed with our Personal Lines proposal module which allows you to print in hard copy or email a professional proposal to your prospective Insured.

---Very shortly after live we will add Personal Lines changes .

---A First Notice of Loss module will be added shortly.

---Both First Notice of Loss and Personal Lines changes are ready now but we think it is best that this functionality be phased in for training and familiarity purposes. Both PL changes and FNOL are expected to launch on 1/1/10.

---Following Personal Lines we will be installing Commercial Lines quoting and changes on line. Development on our Commercial Lines module is about 80% complete and we are confident this module will follow in 2-3 months.

---Agency training videos have been developed to aid your effectiveness in our system. These videos are located in the download section of our website. Adobe "Flash Player" is needed to view these videos. Should you not have this free software a link to obtain the software is available on our Web site. We do think you will find Edge to be intuitive and user friendly. A built in "instant messaging" module will allow you to instantly "chat" with an Agency Service Representative to help you with your Edge needs. This Instant messaging modules allows us to share your screen to trouble shoot issues or counsel on data entry.

---Agents Service Center, Underwriting and Marketing people will be available by phone, and email to help you with any service need that may occur through this Edge transition. However, remember to try the Instant Messenger methodology that is embedded in the System and "share your screen".

We are very proud of Edge and are sure you will see how Edge will give you a sales and service Edge on servicing your Midwest Family insured's. You are only seeing a small portion of what this System will do for you now. We will be rolling out more functionality over the next few months. Finally, our ability to react to change. Delivering product and pricing improvments to you is much enhanced with Edge technology. Thanks for your continued sales and support of Midwest Family.

Best regards,

Ron Boyd, CPCU
President and CEO

Posted on Tuesday, December 08 @ 08:12:52 -06:00
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