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Dear Ron,

I have been a licensed property and casualty agent for over 30 years. During that time I can remember three times where a devastating storm struck our writing area. The most recent hail/wind storm happened on 7/24/09. Claims in our office will exceed 5 million and invlove over 300 policyholders. It is at the time of such catastrophic losses creating stress not only on our office staff but our clients that we can truly come to appreciate the companies we represent.

I'm proud to say that of the five companies we represent that were affected by the 7/24/09 storm, Midwest Family was by far the superior company in handling our clients claims. Midwest Family outside adjusters, Tracy Brown and Steve Snyder were prompt in getting to our clients and taking the time and care to adjust the property losses in a fair, satisfying manner. The companies in house adjusters - I think we had 10 different in house adjusters - did an excellent job coordinating the claims sending out proof of losses and claim checks and when necessary communicating direct with the insureds.

I have received numerous comments from our Midwest Family policy holders thanking us for the service that was provided them during their time of loss.

Our agency will certainly remember the 7/24/09 event when quoting new business. As agents, we know the lowest price is not always the answer when it comes to claim service to our clients at their time of need.


Dennis Marshall
Marshall Insurance Agency, LLC

Posted on Monday, November 16 @ 13:47:42 -05:00
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